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New H209 OBDII Car Anti Lost 16 pin OBD 4G GPS Tracker OBD2 Tracking Device Locator Free APP
New H209 OBDII Car Anti Lost 16 pin OBD 4G GPS Tracker OBD2 Tracking Device Locator Free APP
New H209 OBDII Car Anti Lost 16 pin OBD 4G GPS Tracker OBD2 Tracking Device Locator Free APP
New H209 OBDII Car Anti Lost 16 pin OBD 4G GPS Tracker OBD2 Tracking Device Locator Free APP

New H209 OBDII Car Anti Lost 16 pin OBD 4G GPS Tracker OBD2 Tracking Device Locator Free APP

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New H209 OBDII Car Anti Lost 16 pin OBD 4G GPS Tracker OBD2 Tracking Device Locator Free APP

1、Product functions & Parameters
1.1 Product functions
Location inquiry, geo-fence, over-speed alarm, power-off alarm, historical route playback, Vehicle fault diagnosis, OBD data detection.

1.2 Parameters
QUECTEL EC20 module (different modules for different countries, the following are the frequency bands for EC20, different countries with different modules and frequency)
4G:LTE FDD:B1/B3/B5/B8
LTE TDD:B34/B38/B39/B40/B41
2G :CDMA:BC0 900/1800MHz
●Wide voltage input range: 9 - 35V;
●Location time: average warm start:≤3sec(open sky)
Average cold start:≤35sec(open sky)
●Device dimensions:49mm ×28mm × 28mm;
●Location accuracy:≤10 meters;
●Working Temp:-20℃ - 75℃

2、Product accessories and LED light status
2.1 Accessories:
Standard: device, user manual

2.2 Device LED light status
2.2.1 RED LED (OBD Working status)
Light status Meaning
light OBD working
off OBD Sleep/power off
2.2.2 Yellow LED (GSM signal status)
Light status Meaning
Quick flash GSM initialization
light GPRS normal communication/online
off GSM sleep/power off
2.2.3 Blue LED (GPS signal status)
Light status Meaning
Quick flash GPS signal searching
light GPS location finished
off GPS sleep/power off

3、Installation instructions
3.1 Preparation before installation:
1, Open the box and check whether the device and the accessories are complete, otherwise please contact your dealer.
2, SIM card selection, the device works with Micro SIM card, and support full Netcom band.
3, SIM card installation, SIM card corner inside, chip face to the side with shrapnel, which can help to hold the card.
Note: (1) Before installing or removing the SIM card, please switch off the device;
(2) Should activate the GPRS function of the SIM card;
(3) Should activate the caller ID function; (activate or not according to the functions you chose.)
(4) If your SIM card required you to input the SIM PIN, please refer to your mobile phone user manual to turn off the SIM PIN function.
(5) Please ensure that the SIM card is valid.

3.2 Installation
Device with standard OBDII socket

4、SMS commands and instructions:
Send SMS command from user’s SIM card number to the SIM card number which inside the GPS device.
The commands in the following SMS command list are in English input format, and the letters are case-sensitive according to the instruction requirements.
Common commands SMS command format Device reply
User parameter query CXZT Version、ID、IP, etc…
Revise IP IP+blank+IP+blank+port
Example:IP 106.3.[hidden information] SET IP OK
Device restart CQ CQ OK
Restore factory settings FORMAT FORMAT OK
ACC off upload time interval FREQ,123456,20 SET OK
ACC ignition upload time interval STATIC,123456,20 SET ACCONTIME OK
Revise APN user name APNUSER123456 USER SET APNUSER OK

5、App operation
5.1 Login location service platform
Users can login to the global positioning service platform provided by the dealer, to check the location and status of the vehicle, and perform corresponding operations. Please consult your dealer for the service platform website.

5.2 Platform login on computer:
Enterprise users and fleet management users please select the username to log in. User name and password are set by the dealer, please contact your dealer for user name distribution!

For individual users, please login with the device ID number. The ID number is on the device body and also on the package box. When logging in to the platform, please select IEIM/License number to log in. The default password is: 123456

Android APP download, please scan the QR code on the computer, and if Apple mobile phone, please search the APP name in the App store.

5.3 Functions introduce

5.3.1 Real-time tracking:
Click the “Real-Time tracking” icon to enter the corresponding page to view the vehicle status, VIN code, driving route, speed, direction, street view and other information.

Introduction of command operation
Idle speed alarm setting: set the idle speed warning, when the vehicle has speed, but lower than the preset idle speed, send alert message.

Water temperature range setting: set the coolant temperature range, when the coolant temperature higher than the preset temperature, send alert message.
Low voltage alarm setting: set low voltage warning for the battery, when the battery voltage lower than the preset voltage, send alert message.

Over-speed alarm setting: Set the over-speed warning, when the speed faster than the preset speed, send alert message.

Continuous driving time warning alarm: set continuous driving fatigue warning, when driving time longer than preset time, send alert message.

Minimum rest time: Set the rest time. If engine off time shorter than preset time, send alert message.

Inflection point Completion angle: Set the corner replenishment angle. When the device angle changes bigger than the pre-set value, then report this data.

ACC off upload interval: Set the upload interval after ACC off. When ACC off, the device upload according to the pre-set time interval.

ACC on upload interval: set the upload interval when ACC on, the device upload according to the pre-set time interval

Revise Password: Set the modification of login password.

6. Trouble shooting
If the device can’t be connected to the background server after first time installation, and the background server shows it is offline, please check the installation correct or not.
If you have any questions for the operation, please refer to the following questions and solutions; if you still can't solve the problem, please contact your dealer.
Common Problems Reasons Solutions
Poor signal Test at areas where there are high buildings or underground parking lots, where radio waves cannot be sent or received normally. Use it at a good signal place
platform shows device
not activated after first installation Main power supply connected correct or not Do not connect to the main control line of the vehicle
SIM inserted not correct Check the SIM card
LED status Check if the indicator is blinking or steady
SIM without GPRS activated or SIM card out of charge. Please contact carrier to activate GPRS or charge
Platform map shows
incorrect location
GPS no location Please go to outdoor place where GPS signal good
Vehicle did not move after installation Please drive the vehicle on the road
ACC connected or not Connect the device and turn on ACC
Platform shows the main power disconnect Poor power supply connection Check whether the power supply line of the device connected correct or not
Platform shows device offline SIM card out of charge of GPRS was canceled Please check your SIM card
Weak signal area Please try again at good signal area

Package Includes:

1 x Tracker

1 x Instructions